No.6 DUAL CASK. CaskWidge Kit 4.5g Pin - Single Beerline Outlet


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  • Model: KITCD


Dual Cask Kits are recommended for those wishing to dispense from one cask attached to one beer pump from a vertical 4.5gal cask (pin) and a second cask conditioning ready for when the first cask is empty. Ideal for low to medium turnover establishments. The No6 Kit is the most popular option for new customers converting to The CaskWidge System, dispensing from 4.5gal casks.

This kit is highly recommended to all NEW customers. A Dual kit contains the minimum amount of equipment required for using/trialing the CaskWidge system on one 4.5gal PIN sized cask, attached to one beer engine/handpump.

This Dual Kit contain everything you will need to tap, vent and connect one beerline to extract from an 4.5 gallon cask ready to serve and also the parts needed to tap, vent and condition a second cask ready and waiting to go on-line, when the first cask is empty. All kits come with a single beerline connector (Red 'L' Piece).

We would recommend:

• A Cleaning Kit - these 3 Brushes are specifically designed to fit into all components including inside the Float tube

• A Clarity Taste Sampler – allowing clarity and taste sample to be taken from cask.

 • A spare Clear Float – to ease cask change over during service 
The FDA Approved Foodgrade Float Tube measures 44cm for a 4.5gal cask size. The beer is pulled in through the fine mesh in the Float Head. The connectors all have a 3/4 BSP Thread.

NOTE: Remove all old fittings from the end of your beerlines, before installing your CaskWidge System using the connectors and hose clips provided for an airtight fit. Make sure the pipe connectors and shut off caps contain washers at all times. Spare washers can be purchased on the Accessories Page.

NOTE: Dependent on the level of usage, the O'Rings on the Red 'L' Piece, Red 'T' Piece and Tapping Cap may need replacing annually to maintain an airtight fit. Spare O'Rings can be purchased on the Accessories page.